WebGear Studios, Inc.

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Voice: 888-512-3437
Fax: 413-376-4175
WebGear Studios, Inc.
Company Representatives
Jeffrey Lemire - President / CEO
Phone: 413 746-6141
Jeffrey Lemire is the President and Applications Architect for Citadelnetworks and has been developing database driven, web based applications since 1996. For several years, Jeff had managed one of his family owned car washes located in West Springfield, MA prior to becoming a web applications developer. Leaning on his family's experience in the car wash industry as operators, distributors and installers, Jeff and his partners sought out to provide the car wash industry with professional Internet marketing solutions.
About WebGear Studios, Inc.

Citadelnetworks has been designing web sites and web based applications for more than twelve years and has dedicated itself to serve the carwash industry for over six years.

Having personal experience in the industry as operators and distributors since 1968, Citadelnetworks not only understands the needs of your business but also those of your customers as well.

It is our goal to help you define goals for your website, professionally present your business on the web, enable your customers to interact with your business online and ultimately, bring about a ROI on your Internet marketing dollars.

Basic Business Services
E-Commerce Services: Payment Gateways, Merchant Accounts, Internet Payment Solutions, Recurring Billing Solutions, PayPal Integration
Internet Solutions: Web Design, Application Development, Web Site Hosting, Car Wash Dedicated Solutions, Database Design, Content Management
Printing Services: Large Format, Signs & Banners, Brochures
Graphics Design: No
Professional Consultation: Yes
Video Production: No
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