Micrologic Associates

Business Information
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230 US Highway 206, Suite 303
Flanders, NJ 07836
United States

Voice: 973-598-0808
Fax: 973-598-8969
Company Representatives
Miguel Gonzalez - Owner
Phone: (973) 598.0808
No description has been given
Dean Lecky - Vice President of Sales
Phone: (973) 598-0808
No description has been given
John Coyle - VP Operations
Phone: (973) 598-0808
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About Micrologic Associates

MicroLogic offers complete Point Of Sale (POS) solutions focused largely in the Lube, Parking and Car Washing industries along with a variety of other business types.

Our POS solutions offer features such as customer tracking, loyalty promotion, time clock, coupon control, prepaid books, wireless handhelds and many additional options that can be customized to meet your business needs.

MicroLogic generates exceptional results for our clients by providing the latest technologies to streamline operations, increase sales, enhance customer loyalty and reduce costs offerring a competitive solution backed by outstanding customer support.

Basic Business Services
Primary Products / Services: Car Wash Point of Sale (POS)
Distributor Network: Yes
Multiple Warehouse Locations: No
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