Carwash Network Marketplace

What is the Car Wash Network Marketplace?
The Carwash Network Marketplace is a single-point web resource where car wash owners and operators can search for parts, products and equipment for their car washing and lube facilities. Regardless of brand or vendor, car wash operators can find what they are looking for based on key words, SKU / Model numbers or the title of a product.

If I find a product that I would like to purchase, would I be purchasing it through the Carwash Network?
No. The Carwash Network Marketplace is an online inventory of products that have been added to the Carwash Network database by car wash distributors and wholesalers. Prices, rules, conditions of a sale or other considerations are set forth by the car wash distributors themselves.

Purchases are made through the car wash distributor's or wholesaler's website or through other arrangements made by you and the car wash distributor. The Carwash Network Marketplace has been established to centralize and simplify the process of finding products offered by different vendors.

Do I have to register with the Carwash Network to conduct  searches in the Carwash Network Marketplace?
No. Although the ability to conduct searches is free to everyone and does not require registration, it is highly recommended.

Currently, you are able to save your favorite distributors, vendors or business types to your online account. As the Carwash Network continues to evolve, you will soon able able to receive text notifications on your Blackberry or iPhone of new products and services based on keywords you define, print out a distributors top 10 recommended products and more!

We take your personal privacy very seriously and will never give anyone your email address or any other personal information.

I am a car wash Vendor and build car wash equipment for distributors to sell and install. Can I add my inventory to the Carwash Network Market Place?
No. We encourage and support the vendor / distributor model that exist in the car washing industry and do not wish to comprimise these relationships. We do however have an Internet based model reserved for car wash vendors who are not only looking to get their inventory established throughout the Carwash Network but also to expand their brand as well.

Please click here if you are a vendor of car wash products services and equipment and would like to find out more!

I am a car wash distributor and would like to have my inventory on the Carwash Network. Is it free to make my inventory available in the Carwash Network Marketplace?
No. The costs of adding your inventory is based on how many items you would like to add and has been structured to fit any distributors budget.

At present, the minimum upload is 100 items and the maximum is 4000. Click here to view the costs of adding your inventory to the Carwash Network.

I've found the fees to be acceptable and would like to move forward. What would I need to get started?
In order to "upload" your inventory to the Carwash Network you would need at minimum:

  1. A Carwash Network "Premium Member" membership with a Marketplace Inventory option. You must choose your "business type" as Distributor when establishing your business listing.
  2. An existing web site that i currently sells your inventory online and is readily accessable. Once the results of a search is displayed, the visitor is directed to the product details on your web site
  3. An Excel formatted document containing the "database" of the inventory you wish to add to the Carwash Network Marketplace. You will most likely have to contact your web site administrator to help facilitate the "export" of your product listing. If this is a problem, please contact us...we may be able to help you with this process.

I've met all the requirements and have uploaded my properly formatted Excel file. How long does it take before my inventory shows up in the Carwash Network Marketplace?
Once your file has been uploaded, it will take between 12 and 24 hours for your inventory to become available. Based on the information in your Excel file, the Carwash Network system will seek out your web site and import the existing images from your webste and reformat them accordingly so that they will display properly on the Carwash Network. Please note that your web site must be accessible from the Internet at the time of import or else the import of one or all your product may fail. 

I currently do not have a web site. Is it possible for me to still add my invetory to the Carwash Network Marketplace?
At this time this option is not available but plans on supporting this are in the works. If you have considered a web site for your business and are looking to begin an Internet marketing program, please contact us at our web design & development division at We would be more than happy to help you in not only establishing a professional Internet marketing presence but also develop your web site to support the current and upcoming features in the Carwash Network.